What You Get

The most important feature you get is the Gryphon team helping you to achieve the success you deserve. 

But that’s not all…

When you order a Gryphon report, you get:

  • Our comprehensive donor analysis highlighting your pathways to success
  • Our team, reviewing your analysis with you and making key recommendations.
  • Our “how to” planning guide offers revenue generating ideas based on existing donors and their past giving history.
  • 39 different spreadsheets, each one pointing you to donors who are most likely to respond to a specific ask.
  • At your request we include donor contact information inside each spreadsheet.  You will know exactly who to call and what each donor is most likely to respond to.
  • Free additional materials you will need to make use of your results.  A Powerpoint presentation and 39 action reports that point you to key opportunities.  Also provided are spreadsheets, database and text files so you can import your results into whatever program you prefer to use.
  • Results of your analysis in both printed and electronic format.  Included at the back of your report is a thumb drive that contains everything about your review.
  • The lowest price anywhere for this kind of review!  See our pricing page for details.

We provide you with the tools you need to move from survival to extraordinary.

Download the sample reports.

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