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We help charitable foundations use data to fund-raise more effectively. Let us analyze your donor data and show you the best ways to focus your fundraising.

I believe that a Gryphon data audit will give you the best value of any analytical audit available in North America.

Gryphon gives you virtually everything you need to determine your long-term donor value, and it will help you discover the strengths and weaknesses in your program. Their team is responsive, professional, and ethical. I highly recommended them to every non-profit.

Harvey McKinnon

President, Harvey McKinnon Associates

My staff was blown away by the depth of information your report provides. By analyzing our database in such an effective manner and presenting the findings in bite-size chunks, it is allowing my team to focus on the most important issues facing our Foundation. Thanks to Gryphon’s easy-to-understand report findings and subsequent strategic recommendations, I am so pleased by how my team has embraced this information and is hitting the ground running to increase our revenue from our active donor base.
Amy Desjardins

Former President, Bruyère Hospital Foundation

Fundraisers trust Gryphon donor reports to drive growth

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The Gryphon Donor Analytical Report is the MRI of fundraising analysis, only without the waiting! In just a few short days Saint Paul University was provided with an extensive detailed analytical report allowing us to peer into every nook and cranny of our fundraising efforts over the last ten years. With the report as our diagnostic guide we fully intend to address some of our shortcomings and continue to build on our strengths. In the same way the MRI is an imaging technique used to visualize the internal structure of the body, so too is the Gryphon Report as it allows you to visualize, measure and evaluate your fundraising programs.
Daniel G. Clapin, ACFRE

Former Executive Director, The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre Foundation

The Gryphon Report provided the details that previously we had only dreamed of. The breadth, depth and usefulness of the information cannot be taken lightly – presented with the analytical report, all the information we had speculated, theorized or contemplated became a reality and we were able to react to the information decisively and quickly. It is the report we always wanted to make, but wouldn’t be able to accomplish internally in a year – Gryphon did it in a week!

Linda Eagen, MBA

Former President & CEO, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

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