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If your donor database is dozing off and your fundraising efforts aren’t generating the results you need, you’re in the right place!


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We’ll analyze your donor data and show you the most cost-effective ways to secure your future fundraising success!


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Identify your donor trends, and discover the right outreach strategies for each donor type.


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Stop burning yourself out already. Save your time and raise more money by knowing exactly which donors you should focus on to create sustainable fundraising success.



Enhance your proposals and client offerings by including a donor database analysis. Sign the client then sit back while Gryphon Fundraising does the work.



Get the data behind the story your fundraising team is sharing. Dig into the donor metrics that matter, like conversion rates, frequency, lifetime donor value and more!



How you use your resources is crucial. Are you ready with the data you need to make those decisions with confidence and effectively direct your fundraising activities?

What people are saying 

Linda EaganLinda Eagan

Former President & CEO, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

The Gryphon Report provided the details that previously we had only dreamed of. It is the report we always wanted to make, but wouldn’t be able to accomplish internally in a year – Gryphon did it in a week!


Harvey McKinnon

President, Harvey McKinnon Associates

Gryphon gives you virtually everything you need to determine your long-term donor value, and it will help you discover the strengths and weaknesses in your program. Their team is responsive, professional, and ethical. I highly recommended them to every non-profit.


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