You're a good fundraiser.

We can help you be great.

Let us analyze your donor data and show you the most cost effective ways to lock in your future fundraising success.

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Many leading fundraisers trust Gryphon donor reports to drive growth

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Identify your best prospects

Not all prospects are created equal. Save time and money by focusing on the ones who are most likely to donate.


Learn how & when to reach them

Fine tune your fundraising efforts by aligning them with data on when and how your prospects will be most responsive.


Generate new revenue ideas

Having trouble innovating? This brand new tool will load you up with new ways to generate revenue for your cause.

It is the report we always wanted to make, but wouldn’t be able to accomplish internally in a year – Gryphon did it in a week!”

Linda Eagen, MBA

President & CEO, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Our comprehensive donor analysis highlights your pathway to success

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Get real

The first step is admitting there’s a problem. Get a realistic snapshot of your fundraising performance and learn exactly how to improve your results.

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Reverse donor fatigue

Asking too often, or in the wrong ways can burn out your donor list. Reverse donor fatigue by customizing your campaigns to suit their giving style.


Protect donor privacy

Keep your donor list private – we don’t need it. With our name reinsertion tool you can easily merge donor info into your report after you receive it.

My staff was blown away by the depth of information your report provides. By analyzing our database in such an effective manner and presenting the findings in bite-size chunks, it is allowing my team to hit the ground running to increase our revenue from our active donor base.”

Amy Desjardins

President, Bruyère Hospital Foundation