As a fundraiser we know something good about you.

That you bring vision, insight and ingenuity to your work.

We know that you’re a good person. That you work hard to make the world a better place.

We know that expectations placed on you are sometimes unrealistic.

We know that you are sometimes overworked and under appreciated.

We know this about you because we are fundraisers.

I worked for over 20 years raising money for a homeless shelter. So I know the challenges you face every day.

That’s why I’d like to offer you something that will give you an advantage and make your job easier. Here’s how.

We’ll examine 10 years of your donor giving history and ask three critical questions;

1) What are the giving habits of your donors?

2) Which giving habits will lead to your future success?

3) How can that be achieved in the most cost effective way?

We examine 25 different categories of how your donors give to you and find you opportunities for success.

Then in plain language, we’ll report to you how this information can be used to raise more money.

Our team at Gryphon will review the results with you and make key recommendations to help ensure your success. All for a price you can afford because we know how tight your budget is.

We know you’re a good fundraiser and a good person but you need every advantage you can get.

So don’t wait. Call us now at 613-875-1971 or download one of our free sample reports right away.

I believe that a Gryphon data audit will give you the best value of any analytical audit available in North America. Gryphon gives you virtually everything you need to determine your long-term donor value, and it will help you discover the strengths and weaknesses in your program. Their team is responsive, professional, and ethical. I highly recommended them to every non-profit.

Harvey McKinnon

President, Harvey McKinnon Associates