Name Reinsertion Utility

While we do not need the names of your donors, you may want contact information included with your results.  We can do this as a free service for you or you can use our unique utility that allows you to do this for yourself.

Gryphon Fundraising has developed a unique utility that allows our clients to easily reinsert names, addresses and phone numbers to the results provided with this report.

You simply create the table of names and addresses as illustrated in the step by step illustrated guide that is supplied on the disk.  The utility does the rest for you.

This allows you to quickly and easily work with the actual names and contact information of donors.  This can be especially useful when contacting donors who are identified in your report as likely to respond to a specific ask.

This makes targeting simple, fast and easy.

The illustrated step by step instructions for using this utility are provided on the thumb drive at the back of the report.

Download the sample reports.

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